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21 Dec / 21 Jan - Finlande

Ailo’s journey

Out in Finland on the 21.12.2018 Guillaume Maidatchesky’s Ailo’s Journey narrates the struggle of a little wild reindeer to survive its first migration. Throughout his journey, the frail and vulnerable wild reindeer will have to overcome the ordeals that mark the first year of his existence. His awakening to the wild world is a true…Continue Reading >

20 Jan / 14:00 - Helsinki

Tales of the night, Michel Ocelot, 2011

20.1.2019 –2 pm– Kino Regina A girl, a boy and an old cinema technician tell stories every night in a small theater. Before each story, the boy and the girl decide, in accordance with the old technician, they will play the characters in the story they will interpret, they also choose a time and a…Continue Reading >