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The French Institute in Finland it is ….

  • Native teachers, graduate and specialized in teaching French as a foreign language,
  • Adapted methodology to each student needs and objectives
  • Flexible classes, depending on the availability of each student
  • An exam center for the DELF-DALF diplomas, TCF and CCIP diplomas (The Paris Chamber of Commerce)

Courses’ objectives are to teach French in a professional context

  • To prepare professionals to use the language in different situations in the work environment and with colleagues, line managers, suppliers, customers…
  • To put professionals in common situations in their areas of activity of the work environment: human resources, management, marketing, finances, logistics…


  • To be able to read and understand simple documents used in the professional environment: emails, notes, forms…
  • To learn how to interact in French in specific situations proper to the work place
  • To understand the French context in which the professionals have to work
  • To learn how to make written and oral contact with interlocutors
  • To know how to react effectively to face-to-face situations
  • To adjust the speech to situations and to interlocutors according to the object of communication

Practice will be achieved through role plays, simulations, case studies and group projects designed to be as close as possible to real life situations.

Skills validation

– Skills in French language can be verified through the following diplomas: DELF (A1, A2, B1, and B2), DALF (C1, C2) and TCF (Test de connaissance en français, all levels)

– Skills in « professional » French can be verified, through the CCIP diplomas:

Business French (A1 to C1, in electronic format)

Legal French (B2)

Diplomatic French for international affairs (B1)

French for the Hotel and Catering sector, (A2)

French for Tourism and Hospitality (B1)

French for Tourism/Guiding (B2)

FARES (hour = 60 min)
1 hour 80 € -Per level

-12 people max per class

10 hours 780 €
15 hours 1 140 €
20 hours 1 480 €
 * 5€/hour if the teacher goes to the company’s facility

CALENDAR: on demand.

Contact for more information, program on demand and quotations:

French as a legal and administrative language, level B2/C1

This course is intended for lawyers or staff working in the legal sector, working with French-speaking professionals on legal or administrative documents written in French.

Objectives :

– improve its knowledge of the French judicial system;

– continue to master the French legal vocabulary and reinforce oral and written communication skills;

– enable the student to better understand the different types of legal and administrative texts (acts, laws, decrees …);

– present and comment in French a text of a legal or administrative nature;

– resolve one or more cases from documents provided and easily and efficiently produce professional writing related to a legal context (dissertation, conclusions, etc.).

This course will be enriched by two interventions by Mrs. Bougrab, Doctor of Law, Professor at the Sorbonne, member of the Council of State, which will allow students to converse directly with a specialist and exchange about the legal practices in use in France and Finland.

At the end of this course, if you wish, you can present yourself at the examination of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP):

 Session  Duration  Calendar
October 4th – December 29th  8 x 1h30 (12 hours, included 3 hours with Mme Bougrab) Wednesdays from 17.30 to 19.00
Price : 480€