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With a collection of 10,000 books, 1,500 DVDs and CDs, 20 video games and 30 magazine subscriptions, the French Institute puts at your service an array of materials of all kinds. There is something for everyone, whether you are adults, teenagers or children, whether you like to read, listen to music, watch movies, work or chat, so that you can get the best out of culture and know-how French.

The multimedia library is also a space for encounters and fulfillment. Indeed, our establishment welcomes many artists and events throughout the year in order to valorize artists, thinkers, French speakers or francop

hones who wish to share their creations and reflections with you.

Here, everyone finds its account. In addition to the material available to them, the students will find advice from our Campus France department if they wish to continue their studies in France. Those who are fond of video games will find an Xbox while the comic devotees will indulge in another delight. Finally, fans of French music or cinema will benefit from a diverse and varied collection, regularly renewed in view of the intense French musical and cinematographic activity

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, the multimedia library also offers you its Culturethèque service, the virtual library of the French cultural network abroad accessible from your home. For example, by Culturethèque, you will have access to more than 150 subscriptions of magazines and French newspapers (more information here).

The library card allows you to borrow documents (books, DVDs, CDs …) and to have free access to Culturethèque during the period of one year.

 Catalog of the library (Prettylib) 

Catalog of digital collections (Culturethèque)

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 11.00-19.00
Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00 – 16.00


Standard: (09) 2510 2130

Media library
The card entitles the borrowing of material and the use of Culturethèque. It is available after registration in the media library, which can be done on site or remotely. The annual fee is 25 € (students 15 €). The card is free for the learners of the Institute (for the duration of 6 months from the beginning of their course session) and students in French philology. Registration in the media library is valid for acceptance of the rules.

Subscribe now to the French Institute’s multimedia library!

Price for the year: 25 € / 15 € (students)


Duration of loan
Books: 4 weeks
Magazines and CDs: 2 weeks
DVDs: 1 week (2 documents / loan)
Books marked U (usual) and the most recent issue of a journal must be consulted on the spot.

Penalties in case of delay
A penalty of 20 centimes / day / loan is requested in case of delayed return of the borrowed documents from the 2nd day of delay.
Lost / damaged equipment is also borne by the borrower.
Mediatheques are at your disposal for any information.

Benefits to our partners
With the Médiathèque de l’Institut card, you benefit from offers and preferential rates with our partners. Find all offers are available on the “Partners” page of our site.

To renew your loans and consult our catalog, please log on to the Prettylib service

Leïla Slimani : a literary phenomenon
In a few years, Leïla Slimani quickly rose to fame as the new voice of French contemporary literature. Her second
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Couleurs de l’incendie, new novel by Pierre Lemaitre
Couleurs de l’incendie is the second book of the trilogy on World War I by Pierre Lemaitre. In 2013 he
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New audiobooks at our library
You can also find French audiobooks at our library. “Call from an Angel” by Guillaume Musso is a romantic detective
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My impressions on the exhibition of Hannah Assouline
Liisa Nissilä carried out a short internship at the French institut and shares her impressions on the photo exhibit that
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Read l’Équipe, Libération, Elle and many others on Culturethèque!
More than 250 magazines and newspapers are available online for the members of the French Institute’s library. Culturethèque also has
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Borrow a French comedy in DVD at our library – Le sens de la fête
Pierre is marrying Héléna and he wants his wedding party to be first rate. For that he has reserved the
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Minced, Marinated and Murdered translated in Finnish
Vanessa Barrot paied a visit to Finland promoting the new murder mystery which has been translated into Finnish – Minced,
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Gaël Faye: Small country
Small country is the first book of the French-Burundian singer songwriter Gaël Faye. It was published in 2016 and has
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New acquisition at our library
New novels by French authers, children’s books…the list of new books can be found in our online catalogue: Prettylib Welcome
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Hannah Assouline – A Writer’s Hands
15.3.-20.6. A writer’s hands are his most precious tool We are pleased to invite you to Hannah Assouline’s exhibition opening
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Do you want to watch the film Ballerina in French language?
The animated film Ballerina is currently in the finnish movie theaters’ program. We have the French version DVD in the
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Merry Christmas to everyone!
This will be the last recommendation of the year. A very touching movie. December 1914, war is tearing apart Europe.
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Neliöt: an exhibition by Jérôme Auzeray
From the 11th of January to the 31st of March 2018, French photographer Jérôme Auzeray will exhibit neliöt, a double
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Life a User’s manual
If you are looking for reading suggestions for long winter nights, don’t hesitate and take La vie mode d’emploi (Life
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Congratulations to Finland!
To celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence, I suggest you to come and read some Finnish literature translated into French.
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René Char and his poems about nature and childhood
« Dans les rues de la ville il y a mon amour. Peu importe où il va dans le temps divisé.
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A comic book honouring women
With the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women coming tomorrow on November 25, I thought I could
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Tomboy or the frontiers between genders
Laure is a ten-year-old girl, who moves to a new town with her family during the summer holidays. She meets
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A glance into the theatre world in Paris
In her novel Un bel avenir the French playwright and novelist Véronique Olmi brings the reader to the heart of
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Novembre Numérique
With Novembre Numérique the Institut français and the French Cultural Network Abroad are highlighting all over the world, each year
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The magical world of the Contes de la Nuit
This week I am presenting you one of the most beautiful French animation movies, Les Contes de la Nuit by
Lire la suite...
Movie Club
Fridays at 5 pm The movie club is now opened! Next movie : La vache de Mohamed Hamidi (in french, no subtitle)
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Faïza Guène, the voice of a teenage girl from the Parisian suburbs
If you would like to have a taste of spoken French, I would highly recommend to read Faïza Guène’s début
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A few writing contests for French speaking writers abroad!
Do you enjoy writing in French? Would you like to try and win a trip to France? A few writing
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Le Solitaire, unknown novel by Eugène Ionesco
Is it still necessary to introduce Eugène Ionesco? The French-Romanian playwright, who was one of the most important founders of
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French cuisine and French language, a perfect combination !
In order to celebrate the “Semaine du Goût”, I decided to remind you today that we also have in our
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Dangerous Liaisons on the screen
This week, I decided to talk about the movie Dangerous Liaisons by Roger Vadim (Les Liaisons dangereuses 1960 in French),
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Antoine Volodine, writing foreign literature in French
I have often been asked about my favourite author or movie, and answering that question has always been hard. I
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New arrival at the library
New books have arrived, French contemporary literature that revolves around the theme of travelling. We suggest you a short trip
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Riad Sattouf, a talented observer of life and people
Riad Sattouf is a comics artist and a film director whose work is characterized by variety. He is most renowned
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