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With a collection of 10,000 books, 1,500 DVDs and CDs, 20 video games and 30 magazine subscriptions, the French Institute puts at your service an array of materials of all kinds. There is something for everyone, whether you are adults, teenagers or children, whether you like to read, listen to music, watch movies, work or chat, so that you can get the best out of culture and know-how French.

The multimedia library is also a space for encounters and fulfillment. Indeed, our establishment welcomes many artists and events throughout the year in order to valorize artists, thinkers, French speakers or francop

hones who wish to share their creations and reflections with you.

Here, everyone finds its account. In addition to the material available to them, the students will find advice from our Campus France department if they wish to continue their studies in France. Those who are fond of video games will find an Xbox while the comic devotees will indulge in another delight. Finally, fans of French music or cinema will benefit from a diverse and varied collection, regularly renewed in view of the intense French musical and cinematographic activity

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, the multimedia library also offers you its Culturethèque service, the virtual library of the French cultural network abroad accessible from your home. For example, by Culturethèque, you will have access to more than 150 subscriptions of magazines and French newspapers (more information here).

The library card allows you to borrow documents (books, DVDs, CDs …) and to have free access to Culturethèque during the period of one year.

 Catalog of the library (Prettylib) 

Catalog of digital collections (Culturethèque)

Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 11.00-19.00
Friday-Saturday 10.00 – 16.00

Standard: (09) 2510 2130

Media library
The card entitles the borrowing of material and the use of Culturethèque. It is available after registration in the media library, which can be done on site or remotely. The annual fee is 25 € (students 15 €). The card is free for the learners of the Institute (for the duration of 6 months from the beginning of their course session) and students in French philology. Registration in the media library is valid for acceptance of the rules.

Subscribe now to the French Institute’s multimedia library!

Price for the year: 25 € / 15 € (students)


Duration of loan
Books: 4 weeks
Magazines and CDs: 2 weeks
DVDs: 1 week (2 documents / loan)
Books marked U (usual) and the most recent issue of a journal must be consulted on the spot.

Penalties in case of delay
A penalty of 20 centimes / day / loan is requested in case of delayed return of the borrowed documents from the 2nd day of delay.
Lost / damaged equipment is also borne by the borrower.
Mediatheques are at your disposal for any information.

Benefits to our partners
With the Médiathèque de l’Institut card, you benefit from offers and preferential rates with our partners. Find all offers are available on the “Partners” page of our site.

To renew your loans and consult our catalog, please log on to the Prettylib service

Un regard finlandais sur la femme franҫaise: Bibistä Burkiniin
La correspondante en France de la chaîne nationale Yle, Annastiina Heikkilä vient de publier De Bibi au Burkini : quelques vérités
Lire la suite...
REVUE DE PRESSE 04.10.2018
Christian Subra Pour commencer le mois d’octobre, je vous invite à lire les articles de presse suivants : Les fougueux danseurs
Lire la suite...
Lukusuositus – Maxence Ferminen Opium
Ranskan instituutissa opettajana työskentelevä Fabien suosittelee kirjastostamme löytyvää teosta. Fabien vetää myös ranskan kursseihin kuuluvaa kirjallisuusryhmää. « Suosittelen Maxence Ferminen lyhyttä
Lire la suite...
Christian Subra Chers lecteurs et lectrices, Venez découvrir avec moi ces derniers articles qui font la Une de la presse
Lire la suite...
Christian Subra Pour cette semaine bientôt mi-septembre, je vous invite à lire ces cinq articles suivants qui méritent toute votre
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Les aides à la traduction attribuées aux éditeurs finlandais
Cette année le programme d’Aide à la Publication de l’Institut français soutient la sortie finlandaise de la bande-dessinée culte Thorgal :
Lire la suite...
Rentrée littéraire: Maylis de Kerangal
Le monde à portée de main (Gallimard) s’attache à la technique du trompe-l’oeil, en privilégiant le destin d’un personnage, Paula
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Christian Subra Cette semaine je vous propose de lire ces cinq articles suivants qui viennent clore les temps vacanciers de
Lire la suite...
Des astuces pour acheter bio et pas cher , Accueil  Cuisine et recettes Par Anne-Laure Mignon | Le 20
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Examples on e-books available at Culturethèque
You can find the new books by Delphine de Vigan and Jean d’Ormesson in our Culturethèque e-book-service for the library
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Leïla Slimani : a literary phenomenon
In a few years, Leïla Slimani quickly rose to fame as the new voice of French contemporary literature. Her second
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Mon frère, latest book by Daniel Pennac
Daniel Pennac’s new book Mon frère is a story of his big brother who died prematurely 10 years ago. Pennac
Lire la suite...
Couleurs de l’incendie, new novel by Pierre Lemaitre
Couleurs de l’incendie is the second book of the trilogy on World War I by Pierre Lemaitre. In 2013 he
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Fred Vargas: When the Recluse Comes Out
When the Recluse Comes Out (Quand sort la recluse) by Fred Vargas, the latest in the series of mysteries starring
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New audiobooks at our library
You can also find French audiobooks at our library. “Call from an Angel” by Guillaume Musso is a romantic detective
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“Eve and Out of Her Ruins” has been translated in Finnish
The following novel “Eve and Out of Her Ruins” has been translated in Finnish by the publishing house Fabriikki and
Lire la suite...
My impressions on the exhibition of Hannah Assouline
Liisa Nissilä carried out a short internship at the French institut and shares her impressions on the photo exhibit that
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Read l’Équipe, Libération, Elle and many others on Culturethèque!
More than 250 magazines and newspapers are available online for the members of the French Institute’s library. Culturethèque also has
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Borrow a French comedy in DVD at our library – Le sens de la fête
Pierre is marrying Héléna and he wants his wedding party to be first rate. For that he has reserved the
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Francophony focus: Alain Mabanckou
French-Congolese Alain Mabanckou is considered to be one of the most talented writers in the French language today. He is
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With Helena Petäistö, Helena Liikanen Renger and Leivonen On Wednesday 18th of April from 4:30 pm to 6 pm Akateeminen
Lire la suite...
Minced, Marinated and Murdered translated in Finnish
Vanessa Barrot paied a visit to Finland promoting the new murder mystery which has been translated into Finnish – Minced,
Lire la suite...
Focus francophone: Amin Maalouf
Amin Maalouf is a Franco-Libanese writer who was elected as a member of the French Academy in 2011. He has
Lire la suite...
Patrick Modiano – one of the writers in our photo exposition
Patrick Modiano published a new novel and a play in 2017, three years after he obtained the Nobel price for
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Gaël Faye: Small country
Small country is the first book of the French-Burundian singer songwriter Gaël Faye. It was published in 2016 and has
Lire la suite...
Francophony Focus: Marie Ndiaye
We have exposed at the library some books by authors writing in French and coming from different francophone countries –
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New acquisition at our library
New novels by French authers, children’s books…the list of new books can be found in our online catalogue: Prettylib Welcome
Lire la suite...
Hannah Assouline – A Writer’s Hands
15.3.-20.6. A writer’s hands are his most precious tool We are pleased to invite you to Hannah Assouline’s exhibition opening
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Translation of Anna Gavalda’s last book in Finnish
French writer Anna Gavalda is also popular in Finland. The Finnish translation of her book “Fendre l’armure” will be released
Lire la suite...
Do you want to watch the film Ballerina in French language?
The animated film Ballerina is currently in the finnish movie theaters’ program. We have the French version DVD in the
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