1,2,3 PARLEZ !


  • Those courses are focused on oral skill (listening and speaking), and will be perfect for those who want to interact quickly in French !

  • Our instructors are all native French speakers, qualified and highly trained professional teachers. They are trained to teach online and deliver you the same quality of teaching with virtual classes through e-learning platforms and videoconferencing. They teach to small groups of 4 to 12 people in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere, that fosters interactions and communication. A personal guidance will also be provided by our course assistant!
  • All classes are conducted in French, even at a beginner level, to enhance quickly your speaking and listening skills.


  • For the A0 à A2 « Parlons en français ! » courses (8 hours in total), two sessions are offered.
    These courses are made for you if you wish to begin having small talks in French from the very first moments, and interact orally in daily-life situations!
    The very small groups (4 to 8 people) fosters fast learning!
  • For the conversation courses (from B1 to C1), you can enrol for the full session (15 weeks, 22h30) or for a half-session (8 weeks, 12h). The registration for the half session opens in mid-session and is subject to availability. If a class is already full after the full session registration, no complementary registration will be offered.
    These courses are the perfect occasion to talk about French news and recent French society evolutions, and to interact around the main social debates in France.
  • All courses can be taken on site or from home: thanks to a camera in the class, you will be able to attend the course at distance!

Course material

  • For the A levels : film scenes or dialogues are a base in order to learn how to deal in daily life situation ! You will learn basic phrases and sentences, but also learn to react in authentic situations.
  • For the B and C levels « Conversation » : films, radio shows, literary texts, newspaper articles, will be used. Conversations, debates and activities will be used to tackle the news actively and dynamically. You will develop your communication and debating skills and you will improve your listening skills with the help of authentic documents.
  • The learning material is designed by the teacher and given to the class lesson after lesson.


General information:

Durée des séances

Durée des séances « Parlons en français ! » Level A0 to A2 : 60 minutes
« Conversation » Level B1 to C1 : 90 minutes
Parlons en français ! 8 classes of 1 hour (8h of lessons in total)
190 euros
Conversation Full session
15 classes (22h30 of lessons in total)
25/01-27/05 (register in January)
313 euros
Half-session :
8 classes (soit 12h of lessons in total)
22/03-27/05 (register in March)
182 euros
Levels « Parlons en français ! » From A0 to A2
« Conversation » From B1 to C1

Dates and times of the courses for each level :

Niveau Dates Jour Horaires
A0 Parlons en Français ! 27/01-24/03
Wednesday 17h-18h
A1.1 Parlons en Français ! 27/01-24/03
Wednesday 19h-20h
A1.2 Parlons en Français ! 27/01-24/03
Wednesday 18h-19h
A2 Parlons en Français ! 26/01-23/03
Tuesday 15h-17h
B1 Conversation 29/01-21/05 Friday 8h30-10h
B2 Conversation 27/01-12/05 Wednesday 17h15-18h45
C1 Conversation 29/01-21/05 Friday 9h30-11h
C1 Conversation 02/02-18/05 Tuesday 15h30-17h
C1 Conversation 25/01-17/05 Monday 17h30-19h

No class between the 22/02 and the 27/02 (school break)
No classes on the : Friday 2/04, Monday 5/04, Thursday 13/05

Click here for a full description of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its levels !


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