Virtual classes

If you do not live in Helsinki and you cannot attend classes at the institute, then from autumn 2020, the French institute in Finland will come to your place!

How? Register in the course that corresponds to your level, your teacher will send you a link to the virtual course and you can connect to the class every week at the same time. You can speak directly with your teacher and interact with the other students of the course.




September 3rd -December 17th 2020 

Holiday : October 15th 


Full semester

15 lessons (22h30) 


October 29th – December 17th 2020 


Half semester

8 lessons (12h) 



Virtual class calendar

A1 (group of 4-8 participants) 

Thursday 17h00-18h30 

A2 (group of 4-8 participants)  

B1 (group of 4-10 participants) 

B2 (group of 4-10 participants)