Saturday classes

The Saturday morning classes welcome every week children from 3 to 14 years-old, for playful learning activities in French!

From 30/01 to 15/05 (207 euros) or from 27/03 to 15/05 (111 euros)
No course 20/02, 27/02, 03/04, 01/05

Ages 3-4: Saturday 10h30-11h30

I discover French ! Accompanied by one of their parents, new friends and puppets, the toddlers discover the French sounds and French culture: songs, stories, games, art and crafts. Children are encouraged to interact with French words and memorized phrases during the class. Our qualified and experienced teachers will make each class engaging and fun for your child.

Ages 5-7 : Saturday 11h45-12h15

I play in French !  In this class, the kids go on learning French through multi-sensory learning techniques. They continue to improve their oral comprehension and to expend their vocabulary. They will start using short sentences to talk about themselves, their tastes and feelings or to make a simple description.

Ages 8-14 (A2-B1) – Saturday 13h30-14h30

I practice my French ! This course is designed for children who speak French at home, who lived in a francophone country or who have been studying French for at least 3 years. Hence the children will be expected to already have bases of spoken and written French, and this course will help them enhance their skills.

Ages 8-14 (A0-A1 Beginners) – Saturday 14h30-15h30

I learn French ! In this introductory course, your teens will discover French or will find an appropriate help if they study French at school. This course is focused on oral skills and speaking French : the teens will be enabled to improve their oral comprehension and capacity to interact in French.