Artist Yael Bartana (Israel) and IHME Contemporary Art Festival launch an open call in order to find participants to Bartana’s art project entitled “True Finn – Tosi suomalainen”. It is a social experiment that seeks for seven participants who will live together in a house by the lake in the middle of Finnish winter in January. Participants will go through daily tasks and in the end of the week a True Finn – Tosi suomalainen 2014 will be selected. Life in the house will be filmed and compiled as a video art work.

The geographical area of Finland has always been inhabited by people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. In addition to ethnic Finns and Swedish Finns there are eg. indigenous people the Sámi, Roma people, Tatars, Finnish Russians, Finnish Vietnamese, Finnish Somalis and Finnish Estonians living in Finland. What does being Finnish mean today? What does your Finnishness consist of?

Send your short biography and a photo – or a video clip max. 1 min – to us by November 8th, 2013. You may include information on your ethnic background and religion, if you feel they are important aspects of your life. Tell also why you would like to participate and what would be your contribution to the project. Attach your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and your age. Anyone who feels at home in Finland, speaks Finnish fluently and is over 18 years old is welcome to apply.

Apply to the IHME Project by filling in the form (in Finnish) on the IHME Festival website:

Applications may also be sent by mail to: IHME Contemporary Art Festival, Kalevankatu 4, 2nd floor, 00100 Helsinki, or by e-mail: