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10.2 : French Cancan – Jean Renoir (1954)
Montmartre, XIXth Century. Danglard owns the cabaret house “Le Paravent chinois” (“The Chinese Screen”) where his lover Lola dances. He chooses to bring back the long forgotten dance Cancan and for this purpose hires Nini. Nini, a former washerwoman, becomes famous for performing cancan, which became known as “French” Cancan.

24. 2 : Granny’s Funeral (Adieu Berthe ou l’enterrement de Mémé) – Bruno Podalydès (2012)
Berthe or “Granny”, Armand’ grandmother, dies forgotten. Armand must deal with her death, his grandfather’s illness, his wife, who refuses to divorce, and his intrusive mistress… what about Granny in the middle of it all ? Should Granny be buried or cremated? Who was she, really?

9.3. Laurence Anyways – Xavier Dolan (2012)
In the 1990s, Lawrence tells his girlfriend Frédérique that he wants to become a woman. During almost 10 years, they live apart, but eventually come back together despite their families’ prejudices and the disdain they meet in society.

23.3. All Cats Are Grey (Tous les chats sont gris) – Savina Dellicour (2014) : the Francophonie movie.
Dorothy was raised in a well-off residential neighbourhood of Brussels. She experiences an identity crisis and finds a way of escaping her daily life in music. She also decides to call a private detective, Paul, to find her biological father. She does not know that Paul is actually her father who never dared approach her.

13.4. Contempt (Le Mépris) – Jean-Luc Godard (1963)
Jeremy Prokosch produces a film based on the Odyssey. He decides to hire the novelist Paul Javal to rework the script. Paul is married to Camille and the two of them seem to be a loving couple. When they meet Jeremy, an apparently meaningless incident happens, after which Camille starts to gradually despise her husband…

27.4 : Not My Type (Pas son genre) – Lucas Belvaux (2013)
Clément is a young philosophy teacher. He has to move to Arras, a small city. There he meets a hair-stylist, Jennifer. His life revolves around Kant and Proust while she loves nothing more than her job, her friends, and karaoke nights. Will their love survive the social gap?

11.5. Hell (L’Enfer) – Claude Chabrol (1994)
Paul lives a dream life : he loves his job, and his beautiful wife Nelly with whom he has a child. But his work becomes more difficult and he becomes sickly jealous of his wife. His jealousy turns into paranoia as he thinks Nelly cheated on him. His life gradually becomes a living hell….

25.5. The Murderer Lives at Number 21 (L’Assassin habite au 21) – Henri-Georges Clouzot (1942)
A mysterious serial killer leaves business cards on corpses in the name of Mister Durand. The police commissioner finds a clue that leads him to a Montmartre family guest house “Les Mimosas”. He disguises himself as a priest, moves in the guest house and investigates.

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