Ranskan instituutti järjestää kevätkaudella perinteisen Ciné-club -ohjelmiston lisäksi myös lapsille ja nuorille suunnatun ohjelmiston. Lasten elokuvat järjestetään kerran kuukaudessa lauantaisin klo 16.

20.2. A Cat in Paris  (Une vie de chat) –   Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol (2010). For children 6 years and up, Finnish subtitles.
In Paris, Dino the cat spends his days with Zoé, a little girl whose mother is a policewoman, and, at night, helps Nico, a burglar. After Zoe´s kidnapping by gangsters, Dino decides to come to her rescue.

19.3. Approved for adoption (Couleur de peau : miel) –  Jung Sik-jun, Laurent Boileau (2011). For children 10 years and up, Finnish subtitles.
Jung was born in 1965 in Seoul, South Korea. Like 200 000 other children, he is sent to be adopted at the age of 5 because of the war in Korea. His new country will be Belgium.

16.4. Monn Man (Jean de la Lune) – Stephan Schesch, Sarah Clara Weber (2011). For children 6 years and up. English subtitles.
A little boy, Jean, lives alone on the Moon. He gets bored and wants to visit Earth, using a comet to travel. Thinking that he is an ennemy, the president of Earth tracks him down. To escape, Jean will have to trust his new friends…

14.5. The Day of the Crows – Le Jour des corneilles –  Jean-Christophe Dessaint (2012). For children 6 years and up. English subtitles
Our hero lives in the heart of the forest, where he is raised by a tyrannical father, who reigns triumphant and prevents his son from exploring beyond limited boundaries. Unknowing of the ways of men, the boy grows up wild, with the placid ghosts who haunt the forest as his only friends. when his father falls ill, he has to go to the nearest village to find a way to heal him. There, he meets the doctor’s daughter, Manon, and the story takes a new turn…

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