France and Finland alongside with all European countries were affected by or involved in the politics of the Nazi regime which led to the destruction of European Jewry. The contexts were, however, different, depending on the alliances, collaboration or neutral position enacted or followed by the governments. Throughout five years of conflict, circumstances changed and with them the attitudes of the civil societies too. We are interested in people, that is to say men, women, foreigners, refugees, members of minorities, etc. who decided to oppose, to transgress the official policies. Focused on two different countries, this symposium explores the variety of reactions through two kinds of transgression: resistance and rescue.

Who decides to transgress? What are the circumstances, the events which have incited them to engage into the transgression? What are the forms of it? Who benefited from it? Through relevant cases, we will shed light on resistance and rescue in France and Finland.

The discussion will be held in english.