Tervetuloa Frankofonia-elokuvailtaan torstaina 5.3.2020 klo 17 Ranskan instituutille! Romanian Suomen-suurlähetystön kanssa yhteistyössä toteutettavassa illassa esitetään ohjaaja Catrinel Dănăiațăn romanialainen elokuva Double (alkup. Dublu, 2016, 1H40).

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It seems that George has everything he could want. He has a loving girlfriend, his career as an architect is on the rise, and there are always enough friends around to go out for drinks. But there is one major caveat: George would like to check out other girls, indeed, he met a rather intriguing and beautiful one the other night at a party. Work would be perfection if deadlines didn’t keep approaching with such lightning speed. And taken altogether not even the parties are what they used to be; the hangovers are worse than ever, the consequences more crippling, and work productivity the day after all-night clubbing is hardly tiptop. The pitfalls of everyday existence waylay George on all sides and ignoring them ceases to be a viable option. Alone, the young man must find a way out of the self-destructive spiral. Debuting Romanian director Catrinel Dănăiață captures the generation of contemporary 30-somethings as they struggle with seemingly banal and superficial problems. Their issues may not be life-threatening but they complicate living no end.