Tervetuloa Frankofonia-elokuvailtaan torstaina 19.3.2020 klo 17 Ranskan instituutille! Belgian, Latvian ja Tunisian Suomen-suurlähetystöjen kanssa yhteistyössä toteutettavassa illassa esitetään seuraavat lyhytelokuvat: ohjaaja Nedia Touijerin Précipice (Tunisia, 2013, ~19 min.), ohjaaja Jean Le Peltierin La Chair (Belgia, 2019, 17 min.), Anete Melecen ohjaama The Kiosk (2014, 7′) ja Foued Mansourin ohjaama Le Chant d’Ahmed (Ranska, 2018, 30 min.).

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La Chair: Vincent, an actor who is more comfortable on stage than in love, is disppointed by dating apps and being let down by love.

Le Chant d’Ahmed: One day Ahmed, employed at the public baths and nearing retirement, encounters Mike, a teenager adrift. Inside the bathhouse walls, a strange relationship will develop between them.

The Kiosk: Olga, the lady from the kiosk, seems always in a good mood. But when she is by herself, she dreams about escaping her life.

Précipice: Two men who do not know each other, receive from the local authorities a sheep for the Aïd feast. A common good that they have not chosen to share.