The graduation ceremony of the French Finnish High school took place on Saturday June 2nd. The French Ambassador, Serge Tomasi, congratulated them on completing the LFF academic program which strives to provide a thorough understanding of the French-speaking world. He made a reference to Emmanuel Macron’s speech that was held on the 20th of March 2018, who underlined that the French language has been “emancipée de la France” and has become “« cette langue du monde, cette langue archipel ”.  He also quoted the writer and academician Amin Maalouf, who believes that it is not a question of “vouloir imposer le français comme la deuxième ou troisième langue dominante, mais d’être le chef de file d’un combat planétaire pour le pluralisme des langues, des cultures, des idées ».

The new and former graduates of 1968, as well as the teachers, were then invited to the French Embassy. A partnership agreement was signed between the French School Jules Verne (AEFE) and the French-Finnish High school, for the two of them share similar values and views on education, such as the desire to promote the French language and culture, multilingualism as well as cultural diversity. This agreement can be seen as a stepping-stone towards building a promising future together.

The Finnish students of the Jules Verne High School, which represent a large majority, will now be able to continue their studies in both French and Finnish, and also confirm their French speaking skills by taking the DELF-B2 or DALF C1 exam, which will allow them to continue their studies in France. Their excellent level in French will also contribute to enhancing the reputation of the French Finnish high school.

The education committee of these two institutions should be proud of this new partnership and the future prospects it has to offer.