The Laboratory of Nanosciences and Energy of the Future is launching the 2nd edition of its Predoc program.

LANEF (Lab Alliances on Nanosciences – Energies for the Future) is pursuing a new scholarship program designed to support excellent students who want to do the 2nd year of their Master degree (M2) at the University Joseph Fourier with the goal of pursuing a PhD thesis on a topic developed within one of the 5 LANEF laboratories. In 2015, two €8000 grants are available to cover a 10 month stay, starting from September 2015, including the lab internship

This year 2 grants will be available in order to join the second year of one of our Grenoble-based Master degree (M2).

How to apply

  • Contact
    • a researcher from one of the 5 laboratories of LANEF, or the scientist in charge of the scientific domain of LANEF which is the most relevant for you, or
    • the director of the relevant M2 program.
  • Download the Predoc program application form
  • With the help of your contact, fill out this application form (in French or in English).
  • Arrange for two recommendation letters based on the template included at the end of the application form (section D). These letters must be sent directly by their authors to LANEF by March 15, 2015.
  • Save all documents as PDF files: Application form / CV / exam results / diplomas / cover letter …
  • Merge all of these PDFs into ONE single PDF document entitled xxx_LANEFpredoc.pdf where xxx is your name.
  • Send this single document by email to by March 15, 2015 – midnight.
    Please note that the email address predoc-program@grenoble-lanef.frmay only be used to send the completed application file and the recommendation letters.

More information about the program and the application are available on the following website: 

You may also download our Call Announcement as a PDF file from: