The French Institute of Helsinki, the Goethe-Institut and the Belgian Embassy invite you to take part in the following discussion: How do comic books contribute to the writing of History ?
Comics are no longer dedicated only to children but are now exploring historical topics. Hence, they give the opportunity to open new fields of understandings and lectures. During the discussion historians, comic-artists and comic-experts will present and share their point of view about the question to what extent comic books produce and spread visual writings of History through their own means of writing.


Susanne Brandt (1962) has been active in the field of memorial research on the First World War since the 1980s. Hence, she has participated in the development of the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Péronne (France). Her research and spheres of interest focus on film history, the history of the GDR, 19th and 20th century military history and the culture of memory.

Philippe Raxhon (1965) is a Belgian historian, ordinary professor at the University of Liège and honorary qualified researcher of the F.N.R.S. He pondered the memory processes, the relations between the history and the memory. He teaches historical criticism, historical methodology and contemporary history to the University of Liège.

Birgit Weyhe (1969) spent her childhood in East Africa before she moved back to Germany. After a Master’s Degree in German Literature and History, she started to study illustration. Since 2008, she works as an illustrator and comic book artist. Recent graphic novels include „Reigen“ (2011) and “Im Himmel ist Jahrmarkt” (2013), are both addressing the topic of World War I.

Heikki Paakkanen (1948) is a Finnish animation- and comic-artist, caricaturist and illustrator. His latest comic book was published in 2014 and is called “Saksa-Suomi im Bunde” (Germany-Finnland in league) and investigates the relationship between Finland and Germany in World War II.

Pierre-Laurent Daurès (1968) is a French specialist of all fields related to comic books. He has curated and designed several exhibitions including Sodan hahmoja.1914-1918 (Helsinki, 2014). He teaches at the High European School of the Image (EESI) and works as a university lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. He also writes theorical and critical texts on comics.

Heikki Jokinen (1956) is a Finnish journalist, writer and critic for the Helsingin Sanomat since 1985. Heikki Jokinen will moderate the discussion.

The discussion will be held in english.