Could it be that researchers are insufficiently aware of the need for public engagement? The University of Lorraine’s mission is to contribute to better training of future researchers in this field, to make them aware of the relationship between research and society, of the issues and of the audiences involved.

The Science & You project will have 4 concurrent programs:

• A conference for science communicators that will aim to reflect on the challenges

of scientific and technological culture and propose concrete solutions

• A series of training workshops for PhD students to help these future scientists to

learn to communicate efficiently about societal issues

• A forum to meet with stakeholders and the public

• Public awareness events to work in cooperation with citizens throughout Lorraine

PhD students from all disciplines and all nationalities will be hosted at the Université de Lorraine’s Campus in Metz from May 31st to June 2nd, prior to the Conference, to be trained in different science communication practices: theatre, exhibitions, radio workshops, writing…  These workshops will all have in common a high-quality professional approach.

A common feedback session will be organized during the Forum or on the Internet.

12 workshops to choose from:

–          Video
–          Radio
–          Writing
–          Theatre
–          Clown
–          Exhibition/exhibition design
–          Stories for a young audience
–          Drawing, sketching
–          Photography
–          Web, blogs and social networks
–          Board games
–          Dance

The team in charge of each workshop will be made up of a professional in the field of the “tool”, a tutor in science communication, and a PhD referee from the Université de Lorraine. The research on which the popularisation will be based during the training sessions is drawn from research work carried out at the Université de Lorraine. Consequently, each research student will be able to tackle the exercise of conveying a concept which is not their own.

The training sessions will be carried out in English and/or in French, according to requests and individual competency levels.

The costs of the training sessions, accommodation, meals during the course and attending the conference are entirely covered by Science & You.
Travel costs are not covered by the organisation. We suggest you contact your laboratory or university for financial support.

Registration open
Registration will be open at the beginning of October, until the 17th November 2014.

For all information, you can contact: dvuc-science-and-you-phd(a)univ-lorraine.fr

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