École Normale Supérieure – International Selection

With 2500 registered students in Science and Humanities, primarily at postgraduate level, ENS occupies a unique position among first-class universities worldwide. Its contribution to scientific excellence and to French intellectual life is substantial. This grande école (elite institution of higher education) provides top-level, research-based education with a focus on innovation and creativity. As a student at ENS, you will select your preferred courses in great intellectual freedom, in close interaction with your tutor and teachers.

Graduating from ENS will open a broad range of career opportunities – the intellectual excellence and originality of ENS graduates is indeed highly valued.


The International Selection of ENS gives you access to:

 -a prestigious school at the heart of Parisian intellectual and cultural life

-an exceptional learning environment with first-class research and excellent education

-on campus accommodation and a vibrant student life

-a monthly grant for two or three years


Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must be under 25 on December 1st.
  • Candidates must not have applied to the International Selection before.
  • Candidates must declare that they have not lived in France more than 5 months during the academic year of the selection (September 1 – August 31) nor the previous year.
  • Candidates must show proof of a diploma or certification awarded by a foreign university during the calendar year preceding the start of applications, which indicates that the candidate has completed at least one year of undergraduate studies. On rare occasions, the school may authorize applications from candidates whose academic background is non-standard.
  • Candidates must show proof of a diploma or certification, indicating that the candidate will have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies on the 1st of September following admission.


How to apply:

Candidates must send their application to Admissions between December 2d, 2014 and February 10th, 2015:

Service des admissions et des études (SAE) – École normale supérieure

45, rue d’Ulm 75230 – Paris cedex 05 – France


Contact (English spoken): Tél. 33 (0) 1 44 32 31 08 – Fax 33 (0) 1 44 32 28 08



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