PhD in Physics at the Paris-Saclay Campus

The Paris-Saclay Campus hosts research laboratories from the most prestigious French institutions, located in the Orsay-Palaiseau-Saclay area (20km south of Paris). More than 1000 physicists perform cutting-edge research in the fields of optics, diluted and condensed matter, complex matter, statistical physics and nanophysics. The “Triangle de la Physique”, a research cluster of 40 laboratories working in these fields, is maintaining a Web portal offering an extensive list of PhD proposals from these laboratories:

Students interested in joining a high-level research team to carry out a PhD in this remarkably rich scientific environment may have a look at our list of proposals. After identifying a PhD subject in the list, they should contact the corresponding laboratory. Together with the potential PhD supervisor, they will examine the opportunities for grant applications, depending on the student cursus.

The main selection criteria are the excellence of former training, of the obtained grades, and the motivation of the candidate. In some countries, the French Embassy proposes specific PhD funding. The laboratories from the Paris-Saclay Campus may also submit an application to the call opened by the Triangle de la Physique until April 10, 2014. This call will provide, after competitive selection, partial PhD funding for students graduating in 2014 outside France.