French institute
with Fabrice & Marc de Boni
Et tout le monde s’en fout
Language: French
Talk + video screenings + cocktail

To close our Night of Ideas, we have invited to Helsinki, the writer and producer behind one of the most famous youtube channels in France : Et tout le monde s’en fout.
Fabrice et Marc de Boni’s videos have been watched more than 13 millions times, their channel is followed by more than 460 000 people.
In a fast-paced, at times provocative way, they tackle topics such as violence, feminism, power and death.
In those times where fake news are legions, they follow a strict journalistical and scientifical ethic, sources are mentioned, verified, fact-checked, always.
During this evening they will present their videos, work and point of views. We will discuss engagement and actions in our digital age.


Live broadcast