Till the 20.1.2019 – Turku Art Museum

The autumn season at Turku Art Museum showcases the very best work of three artists, Axel Haartman (1877–1969), Ali Munsterhjelm (1873–1944) and Santeri Salokivi (1886–1940), with the main focus on the 1910s. They were the principal adherents in Turku of a new, broad style of colourist painting that evolved from impressionism and postimpressionism. The trio of artists earned nationwide fame for the bright and colourful palette that they used in their search for a new direction for Finnish art, which at the 1908 international autumn salon in Paris had been criticised as outdated and dull.

The shift in art involved not only colour, form and technique but also the subject of art. Drawing on their Parisian experiences, the trio recorded the world around them, the contemporary moment. New themes in their art included views of streets and parks, and back in Turku the Cathedral and Aurajoki river offered a counterpoint to Paris and views along the Seine.

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