Opening on the 28th of August at 5.30 pm

with Catherine Keun & Kuutti Lavonen

Free entrance

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Catherine Keun’s and Kuutti Lavonen’s joint work Convergences plurielles will be revealed during the exhibition opening.

“I am dying to tell you… life is beautiful” says the flower, and then it dies.” Prévert

Spring: rebirth, memento mori.
Catherine Keun’s seemingly insignificant engraved or drawn flowers invite us to dive into another universe. These little flowers contain an unapproachable dimension, a different relation to time.
The QR-codes underline our need for filters.
Nowadays everything is seen through our mobile lenses. Our life events are shared on social medias. Our feelings, our falling in love… We “like”.
This series is an invitation to question the way we look at reality.
Catherine Keun

Catherine Keun is a French lithographer. Her favourite means of expression are the printmakings.
Her works have been shown throughout the world (France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, China, Argentina) and several times in Finland (at Rovaniemi’s Arktikum, Jyväskylä’s Art Museum and in Tuusula at Erkkola Museum).

This series is the result of her residency in Helsinki in the summer 2018. She will be revealing for the first time a collective work made with Finnish artist Kuutti Lavonen.