Edith Piaf on stage at the Åbo Svenska Teater de Turku

From the 13th of September 2017 to the 7th of April 2018, the Åbo Svenska Teater in Turku will host the musical play « Piaf-jag ångar ingenting », written by Peter Snickars and directed by Jukka Aaltonen, starring Emma Klingenberg in the leading role.

The play opens on a sick Edith Piaf at the end of her life. Surrounded by her partner and her childhood friend, Piaf looks back on her youth spent singing in the streets, her beginnings in bars and clubs and her rise to fame to become an internationally acclaimed star. She contemplates her love stories, the friendships she sacrificed for her ambition, and makes peace with her past.

Highlighting the singer’s strength of character, the play includes a number of performances of the most famous songs of the nicknamed “La Môme Piaf” (The Kid Piaf), to the audience’s delight.

For further information and to book your tickets, go to Åbo Svenska Teater’s website: http://abosvenskateater.fi/fi/ohjelmisto/piaf_jag_angrar_ingenting/