The French Film Library in Paris is hosting an exhibition on Goscinny, from the 4th of October 2017 to the 4th of March 2018. This time, it is not the comics writer we are paying tribute to, but the filmmaker. Known for writing Astérix, Lucky Luke or Iznogoud, Goscinny maintained a passion for moviemaking, which led him to launch the Studios Idéfix in 1974, the very first European animation studio. Considered as one of the greatest comic books writer, his work as a filmmaker was only celebrated posthumously. He only wrote and directed four feature-length movies, but contributed to a number of others as a writer.

The exhibition aims at highlighting all the elements of Goscinny’s work that are evidence of his fascination for filmmaking: the staging in Astérix comics, his taste for societal satire and burlesque, the scenery and references to westerns and peplums… It displays original storyboards, costumes, sets, and even a reconstruction of the studios Idéfix, taking the visitors through every step of the making of an animation movie. An unhoped for opportunity to discover a lesser known part of the work of a genius writer, whose books have accompanied millions of us.

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