Starting from March 1st the Impérial Orphéon will spread its irresistible music trance in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The French quartet celebrates its new album Seducere with an extended tour of three weeks in the frame of the Francophonie program.

The Impérial Orphéon sounds like no one else band on the jazz scene of today. After a few songs their concert turns into an invitation to dance which you cannot resist. The four virtuosos play with a high level of complicity. They stretch their musical scope from Brazilian grooves to Balkanic trance, from Heroic pop to valse musette and bluesy songs; and the Fantome of the Opera is always ready to pop up into this joyful and bubbling fellowship. After a successful visit in 2015 the Impérial Orphéon comes back to the Baltics in March 2019 with a new album Seducere. Their tour is part of the program of the Francophonie 2019.

Rémy Poulakis accordion, vocals, keyboard
Damien Sabatier sopranino and alto saxophones, Theremin, effects
Gérald Chevillon soprano and bass saxophones,
Antonin Leymarie drums, percussions

Tour dates in Finland
Tue 12/03/2019 Kitee, Kitee-Sali
Wed 13/03/2019 Kuopio, Maxim
Thu 14/03/2019 Äänekoski, Painotalo
Fri 15/03/2019 Oulainen, Kulmajazz
Sat 16/03/2019 Joensuu, Pakkahuone
Mon 18/03/2019 Turku, Turun seudun musiikkiopisto
Tue 19/03/2019 Salo, Kiva
Wed 20/03/ 2019 Helsinki, Juttutupa / Rytmihäiriöklubi

Tour production: Compagnie Impérial https://compagnieimperial.com
Booking and tour managing : Vapaat äänet
In cooperation with : The French Institutes of Latvia, Estonia and Finland ;  Uus Kontsert agency ; Jazzkaar ; Kumu drums
Tour support: Adami, Institut Français, Réseau en scène, Spedidam
In the frame of the French Nordic Jazz Transit, export program of the AJC
The Compagnie Impérial gets funding from: DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie, Conseil Général de l’Hérault, City of Montpellier.