Before beginning his musical career, Kiddy Smile was a fashion stylist. Among his influences, he cites African-American genres such as gospel and hip-hop, 90s Chicago and Detroit music, the voguing movement and the New York house ballroom scene. Through his dancers, music, and videos, Kiddy embodies that culture where his skin color, love of fashion, and homosexuality are fully embraced. His talent and extravagant nature have brought him into the public eye, and he has become known as the ‘French Prince of Voguing’. Kiddy Smile released his first album, One Trick Pony, on August 2018. It explores intimate, personal subjects such as unrequited love, paternal desertion, and acceptance of one’s body. Kiddy defines himself as a house-music artist, and his music reflects his everyday life. He talks about himself and what it’s like being black and gay. His songs are first and foremost about love. They’re not political, but his work is. The artist also has a role in the movie Climax directed by Gaspard Noé, which won the Art Cinema Award and critical acclaim at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018.

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