Opening on the 12th of November at 5.30 pm
Free entrance
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”In december 2012, I found about thirty postcards from a distant past. They were written by Oscar, my great grand uncle, and sent from the war front during the Great War to his sister, my great grand mother. He wrote about boredom, about his worries and his daily life in the trenches. An ordinary soldier, telling about ordinary stuff in an extraordinary context. “ Clément Béraud

This exhibition presents 20 postcards from artist Clément Beraud’s family archive. The postcards are showed with a photography series taken nowadays on the locations of some of WW1 most deadly battles.

Clément Beraud (1988) works and lives between Helsinki and Paris.

He studied photography in Paris and graduated as European Bachelor of Photography. He is a freelance photographer and a video artist.
His main work tend to study relations between Human and Nature through different subjects and different mediums.
Founder of Äkkisyvä  an artistic collaboration with artist Minna Nurmi in 2017.
He also works as a writer for Format Court an online magazine dedicated to short films.

Credits: © Clément Beraud, Oscar project