Uncle Vania: to spy a suicidal woman is retake on Chekov’s classic:
Argentinian Daniel Veronese’s adaptation tackles universal questions: alcohol, one’s love for nature, the seek for truth, God, Stanislavski, Genet… It almost seems that every second of the play aim at revealing a secret, an essential truth of the life we live in.

The play is in French with Finnish subtitles



The play was created in Caen in March 2016
Direction:   Guy Delamotte
With Martine Bertrand, Véro Dahuron, Marion Lubat, Timo Torikka, François Frapier, David Jeanne-Comello, Philippe Mercier

1.2.-2.2. klo 19
3.2. klo 15
Espoon kulttuurikeskus, Kulttuuriaukio 2, Tapiola, Espoo