Portrait de Simone de Beauvoir
8.3. –  6 pm – Plevna
Alice Schwarzer | France 1974 | Documentary | 44 min
Simone de Beauvoir speaks with the german feminist Alice Schwarzer, who created the feminist newspaper EMMA and wrote several books about Simone de Beauvoir. Simone de Beauvoir makes us discover her apartment, the objects that are dear to her, her discs, her books. She also appears with Sartre in Roma. The two women talk about their love life, about women emancipation and masculinity. With humor and a cheerful tone, Simone de Beauvoir speaks of her childhood, her youth, her early desire to face all kinds of dangers. By accepting a camera in her daily life, Simone de Beauvoir wants to be known from her audience, to dismiss incomprehensions and to extend her written work with the support of images.

Free entrance

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7.3. –  14:00 – Plevna – Free

9.3. – 15:00 – Hällä – Free

Eng | 110 min


Roussopoulos Carole, Seyrig Delphine | France 1976 | Experimental, Fiction | 28 min

A staged reading of Valerie Solanas’ book, S.C.U.M. Manifesto (1967), against a background of television news bulletins; an indictment of a society dominated by “male” images of “virile” action, substitutes for men’s real impotance.


Carole Roussopoulos | France 1971 | Documentary | 27 min

Demonstration by FHAR, the Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front, the 1st of May 1971. People discuss at the University of Vincennes and show a common determination to break prejudice and open minds. They refuse to hide anymore, and talk about this revolution of desire.

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