Kirikou and the Sorceress
3.3.2019 –  2 pm

Michel Ocelot / France / K7 / 74 min / Language: Finnish

In a little village somewhere in Africa, a boy named Kirikou is born. But he’s not a normal boy, because he knows what he wants very well. Also he already can speak and walk. His mother tells him how an evil sorceress has dried up their spring and devoured all males of the village except of one. Hence little Kirikou decides, he will accompany the last warrior to the sorceress. Due to his intrepidity he may be the last hope of the village.

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The Phantom of Liberty

6.3.2019 klo 21
8.3.2019 klo 17

Luis Buñuel / France / Subtitles: Finnish / K16 / 104 min

With : Adriana Asti, Julien Bertheau, Jean-Claude Brialy

Bourgeois convention is demolished in Luis Buñuel’s surrealist gem The Phantom of Liberty. Featuring an elegant soiree with guests seated at toilet bowls, poker-playing monks using religious medals as chips, and police officers looking for a missing girl who is right under their noses, this perverse, playfully absurd comedy of non sequiturs deftly compiles many of the themes that preoccupied Buñuel throughout his career—from the hypocrisy of conventional morality to the arbitrariness of social arrangements.

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That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)

10.3.2019 – 6 pm

Luis Buñuel / France/Spain / Subtitles: Finnish/Swedish / K12 / 103 min
With: Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet, Angela Molina, Julien Bertheau

Just after boarding a train, much to the surprise of his fellow passengers, a man pours a bucket of water over a young girl on the platform. Over the next few hours he explains (and we see in flashback) how he became obsessed by her (so much so that he failed to notice that she was played by two different actresses, representing different sides of her personality), and how she tantalised him, but would never allow him to satisfy his desire for her…

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