Young Solitude (Premières solitudes),

Claire Simon
Maxim 2
Claire Simon (director)
Subtitles: englanti
Screening and Q&A
Discount: DPYOSO (until the 28.1. at 12:00 pm)
In collaboration with DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

A fly-on-the-wall portrait of French youth, Young Solitude (Premieres solitudes) gets about as close to its teenage subjects as possible, yet allows them to open up as if the camera weren’t even there.
Although Young Solitude chronicles the dog days that many adolescents experience, such a title can be deceiving for a film that ultimately shows how kids will stick together to confront pain and isolation. They are, in fact, very far from being alone, and Simon has an intimate approach that focuses mostly on their relationships, showing how they tell their stories to each other.


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