From now on you can recognize our “Lapland – Tracing the Sami of Finland” event from the illustration of faces based on the concept of Finland’s Faces created for the celebrations of Suomi Finland 100. The faces chosen to represent the Sami event include Tiina Sanila-Aikio (Chairman of the Sami Parliament), Amoc (Sámi musician) and Veli-Pekka Lehtola (Researcher from the Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu) as well as a few familiar French national figures such as Brittany and Alsace women, a Basque man, the Moor from Corsica’s flag and a Polynesian woman from France’s overseas territories.

The colours of the illustration follow the colour palette characteristic for the French Tricolour (blue, white, red) and for the flag of Sami (red, green, yellow and blue). The theme of the centenary Together is written in three official Suomi Finland 100 languages in Finnish, Sami (North, Skolt and Inari Sámi) and English.

More information about the event in Paris