It’s that time of year again: French Film Weeks will be touring Finland in March-April! After Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Tampere and Kuopio will follow. This year’s selection is built around the theme of ”when cultures meet” and includes films such as the award-winning French-Mauritanian drama Timbuktu, as well as Bande de filles, a moving and powerful depiction of girlhood in a Parisian suburb.

The French Film weeks are organized by the Regional Cinema Association of North Karelia, the French-Finnish Association of Joensuu and the Institut français in cooperation with the regional cinema centers.


Joensuu, elokuvateatteri Tapio
20.3. klo 16.30: Cle?o viidesta? seitsema?a?n
21.3. klo 16.30: Fatima
22.3. klo 16.30: Bande de filles
22.3. klo 18.00: Les sauteurs
23.3. klo 16.30: Timbuktu
24.3. klo 16.30: La belle saison
25.3. klo 13.00 : La Grande Illusion

Jyväskylä, Ilokivi:
27.03. klo 18:00: Bande de filles
10.04. klo 18:00: La grande illusion

Oulu, elokuvateatteri Studio:
5.4. klo 19.00: La belle saison
6.4. klo 19.00: Timbuktu
8.4. klo 17.00: Bande de filles
9.4. klo 17.00: La grande illusion

Tampere, elokuvateatteri Niagara:
6.4. klo 16.30: La Belle Saison
10.4. klo 17.00: Timbuktu
12.4. klo 16.30: La grande illusion
13.4. klo 16.30: Bande de filles

Kuopio, elokuvateatteri Kuvakukko:
28.4. klo 16.30: Bande de Filles
29.4. klo 13:00: La grande Illusion
30.4. klo 13:00: Timbuktu

(The dates for Turku will be announced later)