19.07.  19.00 –

Works by Lambert, Lully, Clérambault, Couperin, Philidor, Charpentier, Marais, etc.

For its new edition dedicated to Paris and French ancient music, the Sastamala Gregoriana Festival invites the Parisian ensemble Fuoco E Cenere. Their Italian name (meaning “fire and ash´) happily linking them to our Venice season from last year. Their programme is drawn from their contribution to the international television series Versailles´, based on the life and reign of Louis XIV. Louis fancied himself the New Apollo, god of light and the arts. All the king´s men, and foremost amongst them the great Lully, helped forge the legend of the Sun King. Versailles, palace of all pleasures, resonated night and day with the most sublime harmonies, becoming the envy of all Europe. The five musicians have put together an attractive selection of vocal and instrumental music for all occasions, a clear reminder of how omnipresent music was in Versailles.

Fuoco E Cenere
Julie Fioretti, soprano
Patricia Lavail, recorder
André Henrich, theorbo
Nora Dargazanli, harpsichord
Jay Bernfeld, viola da gamba & direction