Speech delivered on the occasion of the DELF graduation ceremony at the French Embassy on January 17th, 2017:

Mr. Ambassador,

Ladies and gentlemen,


It’s a great honor for us to be here today and receive our DELF diplomas. The French language has a significant role in our lives, and the possibility to visit the French Embassy is unique. In fact, it is the first time for all of us and we really appreciate this festive occasion.


There are several reasons why one should study French at school. This beautiful language enables many things in our globalised world. French is spoken on five continents by almost 90 million people.


Why is it important to pass the DELF diploma?

The Diploma in French Language Studies, assigned by French authorities, opens us many possibilities. It is not only respected in France but also worldwide. It may be that some of us are going to apply for a job abroad between the upper secondary school and university, for example.


The DELF is also important since it makes it possible to prove our language skills in professional life here in Finland. Furthermore, the DELF is the only exam that evaluates our spoken language abilities. The oral part of the exam is the most difficult one, because the candidate doesn’t have much time to think about what they are going to say. Indeed, the situation is similar to one that could be experienced in a French-speaking country: there isn’t much time to reflect on the answers but it is necessary to react fast and improvise. We have to learn not to become anxious if we don’t know all the correct expressions.


To conclude, I would say that there are many advantages about learning French and the DELF has made it possible for us to test our linguistic abilities and prepare ourselves for real life communicative situations.

Finally, we would like to thank you one more time for this beautiful occasion and for your kind attention.


Henriikka Mälkönen et Antti Lehtonen

Ambassade de France le 17 janvier 2017