This autumn a French history teacher, in love with Finland and its history, published his first novel, Väinämöisen veljeskunta. Operaatio Talvisodan aaveet (“Les Fantômes de la Guerre d’Hiver” in French, published by Reuna and translated by Reetta Lahtinen and Emilia Nieminen). Pierre Charrel lived for two years in Finland and fell in love with the country and its history.

The novel is based on the history of Finland and the contemporary world, but mixes fantastic elements with historical facts. It is the story of the brotherhood of Väinämöinen. Those brothers use their supernatural powers to change the history. They took part in the Winter War with the Nazis to protect Finland against the Soviet Union, but after the war they started working for the United States. More than seventy years later, in 2017, they come back to Finland in order to plot the assassination of the President of Russia, and they discover their homeland that has changed a lot since they saw it for the last time.

More information about the book (in Finnish):

Pierre Charrel will be presenting his book at Helsinki Book Fair on October 26, from 12:30 to 13. Welcome!