I have often been asked about my favourite author or movie, and answering that question has always been hard. I have read lots of good books, seen a lot of good movies, and all deserve to be presented. Therefore, I will choose every week a new book or DVD from our collections and give you the opportunity to get acquainted with an aspect of French culture.


Antoine Volodine is clearly one of my favourite authors. His book “Des anges mineurs” was a great reading experience. Volodine plays a lot with the categories of literature, and created for himself the notion of “post-exotism”. Fortunately, he has been joined by other names, such as Elli Kronauer, Manuela Draeger, or Lutz Bassmann – all pseudonyms of Volodine himself! His objective is to write foreign literature in French.


His novel “Des anges mineurs” is actually composed of 49 “narrats”, short stories, poetical narratives about 49 beings, musical images of a situation or a feeling. The book shows a world between dreams and reality, where shamans live in the middle of the Second Soviet Union’s steps, surrounded by nuclear waste.


“Terminus radieux” also won the Médicis literary prize. I highly recommend it too!