This week, I decided to talk about the movie Dangerous Liaisons by Roger Vadim (Les Liaisons dangereuses 1960 in French), starring Jeanne Moreau and Gérard Philipe. The classical movie, released in 1959, is an adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos’ novel.

The novel describes the game of seduction and deception that Valmont and the marquise of Merteuil are playing, among the French nobility of the 18th century. The movie is set in the 1950s, Valmont and his wife Juliette are a young, and rich, and beautiful couple. They play with the people around them, seduce and deceive them. The setting in the book and the movie are different, however the atmosphere stays the same. Vadim shows the fragility of feelings and the characters’ cruelty.

The black and white movie is visually gorgeous; the camera films beautifully the actors’ bodies. No wonder that it made a scandal when it was released!