If you would like to have a taste of spoken French, I would highly recommend to read Faïza Guène’s début novel, Kiffe kiffe demain. The narrator, Doria, talks sincerely about her life, in a rich and expressive tongue. It is pure contemporary French, lively and spoken French.

Doria’s father left her alone with her mother in a Parisian suburb, to marry a younger http://pharmacie-ed.net woman in Morocco. Doria doesn’t leave any detail of her daily life, she doesn’t hide her difficulties, but is not either looking for pity. She becomes a lively character, very close to the reader.

The novel has been translated into Finnish (Hällä väliä huomisella, Like, 2005, transl. Reita Lounatvuori) and Swedish (Kiffe kiffe imorgon, Norstedts förlag, 2006, transl. Lotta Riad).