Most French literary awards were attributed in November. Get acquainted with the winners and their books, especially if you are looking for reading ideas for the holidays.

The most prestigious award, the prix Goncourt, was given to Éric Vuillard, for his novel L’Ordre du jour, which describes the beginning of the Third Reich in the 1930s. Philippe Jaeanada’s novel La Serpe, which was awarded the prix Fémina, is set in the same period, but is more of a crime novel. Olivier Guez was awarded the prix Renaudot, for his book La disparition de Josef Mengele, which follows the life of Josef Mengele, the doctor from Auschwitz who escaped in Argentina.

Yannick Haenel got the prix Médicis for his novel Tiens ferme ta couronne, which brings the readers to the world of cinema, through a scenario telling about Herman Melville’s life. The grand prix du roman of the French Academy was awarded to Mécaniques du chaos, by Daniel Rondeau, a story about a world where dirty money and terrorism are mixed. The prix de Flore, finally, was awarded to Pierre Ducrozet for his novel L’Invention des corps, telling about Alvaro, a young Mexican professor fleeing to the USA after the killing in Iguala in September 2014.