With Helena Petäistö, Helena Liikanen Renger and Leivonen

On Wednesday 18th of April from 4:30 pm to 6 pm
Akateeminen Kirjakauppa – Akademiska Bokhandeln
Pohjoisesplanadi 39, 00100 Helsinki

The Akarteeminen kirjakauppa library welcomes four finish women that currently are living or have lived in France.
From love to politics to the great classics of pastries, these various themes will reveal their personal visions of their adopted country.

Program :

4:30 pm : Helena Liikanen-Renger – Mon Amour

Helena Lijkanen-Renger is a finish journalist and blogger currently living in the south of France and will talk about the different forms of Franco-Finnish love. She treats cultural differences and surprising commonalities with humor.

What are the French secrets that help maintain the spark in a couple? Do all French women have lovers?  How does having children impact the dynamic of a relationship?

Helena Liikanen-Renger is known in Finland for her blog Chez Helena and her podcast for the Me Naiset magazine.


5 pm : Helena Petäistö – Ranska, Macron ja Minä

No french party is worth attending without the presence of Helena Petäistö!

Helena Petäistö is one of the best-known journalists and foreign correspondents in Finland. During the 30 years she worked as a correspondent for the MTV channel she took a close interest in culture and politics in Paris, as well as in other European capitals. Her latest book Ranska, Macron ja Minä (France, Macron and I) takes the readers behind the scenes of a particularly breathtaking election year and paints a detailed portrait of the new President of the Republic of France.


5:30 pm : Leivonen – La Pâtisserie

While the hygge wave and other Nordic trends have taken over France, Kaisa Leino and Terhi Toivonen, two Finnish caterers based in Paris give away the secrets of French pastry. Croissants, Paris-Brest, eclairs, these 28 tastefully illustrated recipes finally give fans in Finland the opportunity to discover one of the jewels of French gastronomy.

Spoiler alert: this lovely French evening will end with a mouth-watering chocolate cake tasting.