From the 11th of January to the 31st of March 2018, French photographer Jérôme Auzeray will exhibit neliöt, a double serie of photographs, at the French Institute of Finland.

The French Institute warmly invites you to the preview of the exhibition on Thursday the 11th of January from 6 pm at the French Institute (Yrjönkatu 36). This event is free of charge, but spaces are limited. Please book yours by writing to

“What do man-made works become once, as time goes by, their creators abandon them, liberating them from man and leaving them on their own ? What happens when a motionless environment to us takes over the space and comes alive at night ? Bringing to the eye the subtleties of deserted places, revealing their wealth, their beauty, their lights in order to recreate the sensations of an astray wanderer among frozen sceneries in which time seems interrupted of slowed down, is the central thread of this double series of pictures.

With both an architectural and naturalistic approach, the series Neliöt intends to focus attention on man-made constructions in their most graphic details, with the sometimes aggressive beauty of their lines and angles contrasts with – and confronts- the surrounding nature, and it’s soothing, timeless charm.

The biased use of a square format is anything but trivial: more than a technical common theme, it establishes a different vision of the composition of the picture and literally refocuses the attention of the visitor on the subject shot.


The series « neliöt » does not pretend to show reality. Any interpretation is surreal by nature. Photography is no exception. It shows fragments of a past subjective truth, gray or coloured squares of a present experienced alone, experiences shaped by the presence of a gaze extended by a technique that mirrors it, a camera among scenes that in essence cannot be reproduced.”

Jérôme Auzeray was born and raised in France. After graduating from Paris University with BS and MS degrees in computer science, Information science and new media communication, he taught at several Universities, private Institutes and Schools of Art. Also a musician, lyricist and writer, he was an active participant in the buzzing new Parisian multimedia creative scene in the mid 1990s before focusing on design and manufacturing of hybrid electric guitars. Jerome moved to Finland in 2009 and started using a DSLR camera to photograph Sunila and its citizens on June 2012. Since he moved to Finland, he has photographically captured Finnish landscapes, people and city streets before discovering that what truly drives him is to document the vestiges of human activities, evidence of human presence more than the human presence itself. Parallel to this he has recently launched a short-movie project about social disappearance.

Opening words by director of the Institut français Jeannette Bougrab, with Jérôme Auzeray
Opening words by director of the Institut français Jeannette Bougrab, with Jérôme Auzeray
Left to right: Mrs Marie Le Feron de Longcamp; H.E. Serge Tomasi, Ambassador of France in Finland; H.E. Przemyslaw Grudzinski, ambassador of Poland in Finland
Jérôme Auzeray with a former ambassador of Finland; H.E. Bonny Haufiku, ambassador of Namibia in Finland (far right)
Jeannette Bougrab, director of the Institut français, with Mr. Oleg G. Ivanov, counsellor to the ambassador of Russia
Jeannette Bougrab, director of the Institut français, with H.E. Thierry Roca-Rey Deladrier, ambassador of Peru in Finland