With Novembre Numérique the Institut français and the French Cultural Network Abroad are highlighting all over the world, each year in November, digital culture in all its diverse forms. Interdisciplinary programs, namely digital production, performing arts, music, visual arts, discussions, the education and language sector, cinema, books, etc.

New November stands for an invitation to discovering technology, uses, content and the latest actors in the digital world by fostering an exchange between French and foreign talent for the public and for purposes of innovation.


In-Game Photography, a virtual New Pictoralism”, photography exhibition by Élise Aubisse

Élise Aubisse, a creative and passionate French photographer, who loves Finland, is having an exhibition at the French Institute in Finland from November 15-30, in the framework of New November.

Two series of photos are shown on the library’s screens, one based on digital photography, the other one on analogical.

In-Game Photography creates a new photography. With video games and outside of them, screenshots become real art works and the gamer-photographer’s artistic decisions create a new way of dealing with video games. The game is much more a pretext than the topic of the pictures.

You are welcome to the Institute to watch the photo exhibition and to listen to Élise Aubisse’s interview on our tablets.

The exhibition, which exploits all the possibilities of digital creation, questions the borders between real and virtual.

More information:

Élise Aubisse’s blog about In-Game Photography : http://thiuth-ingamephoto.blogspot.fi/

An article in a local newspaper, about Élise: http://www.le-petit-berrichon.com/bourges-portrait-elise-recue-major-national-btm-photographie/

(Note that she learned Finnish, and not Chinese)