« Dans les rues de la ville il y a mon amour. Peu importe où il va dans le temps divisé. Il n’est plus mon amour, chacun peut lui parler. Il ne se souvient plus ; qui au juste l’aima ? »

This week, some poetry ! You can find in our library this beautiful anthology of poems by René Char. It is a great way of getting acquainted with his poetry. Fragments of his work, covering almost the whole 20th century, are accompanied by comments and illustrations, photographs and watercolours by the poet himself. Although the poet started his work with surrealism, he found very quickly his own voice.

His texts are very close to nature of South-East France, where he was born, and they show that he masters perfectly the French language and its subtleties. Let yourself be charmed by Char’s poetry and start a wonderful journey to Provence!