21.11. – 19.45 – Kinopalatsi 1 – SOLD OUT
24.11. – 23.15 – Kinopalatsi 1

It is as if Noé has somehow mulched up the quintessence of dance, coke and porn together and squooshed it into his camera.

”[GasparNoé is giving us a cinema of sensual outrageousness and excess that makes other films look middleaged and tame. —

The action of this film is a kind of episodic series of spectacular tableaux, a horrendous decline into madness and infernal despair. It is supposedly based on the true story of a 90s dance troupe who held a party after a rehearsal, drank booze spiked with LSD, and succumbed to an increasingly sinister collective freak-out. But I can’t believe that it was anywhere near as full-on as this satanic DJ-set that Noé conjures, moving from eros to thanatos in pretty short order. —

If that sounds horrible, then yes it is, but also, often, demonically inspired.” – Peter Bradshaw / The Guardian

“At times you’ll be watching in horror, but you’ll never look away”
– Helen O’hara / Empire

“For Gaspar Noé, hell on earth looks like a Eurotrash dance club”
– Owen Gleiberman / Variety

”More brilliantly deranged, in its microscopic vision of society in collapse, than anything the director has ever inflicted on us”
– A.A. Dowd / AV Club

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