Thursday the 16th from 5 to 6PM
At the  French Institute

What is AI? Which are its applications? Are we all concerned by AI? If so, how? A scientist and an artist will help us answering to those basic, yet fundamental questions related to our use and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). A short, generic definition of AI will be followed by an interactive quiz on AI applications, including machine translation. After the event, the participants will be invited to go deeper into AI by attending the conference on machine translation at the Goethe Institut .
The IFF in cooperation with Aalto Digi Platform will host an exhibition on AI open to the public at 16h30

Please note the free lecture is in English !

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Ammar Mian is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University in the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics. He received his Ph.D in Signal Processing from the Paris-Saclay University in 2019.
His main research areas consist in the development machine learning algorithms adapted to huge and complex data as well as the study of their robustness.


Gregoire Rousseau is a Helsinki-based artist, educator and expert in technology. He received his Computer Science diploma in 2006 and received his Master of Fine Arts from Uniarts in 2018. His research focuses on electricity as a form of energy in the arts and its social and political implications. He teaches technology in contemporary art practice at many art academies in Europe. He has exhibited internationally, and co-founded and contributes to Rabrab Press.

Voici quelques propositions de livres et articles sur l’intelligence artificielle qui se trouvent sur Culturethéque pour les adultes aussi bien que pour les enfants.


-‘La force de l’IA repose sur des travailleurs bien réels.’ Vincent Nouyrigat. SCIENCE ET VIE. 23/10/2019.

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