On the 12th of June, the French Institute, the French Embassy and Campus France, welcomed the French delegation of Higher education and research institutions of the Nordic countries. The main objective of this visit was to present the policy and internationalization of higher education and research in Finland but also to initiate and foster collaborations between various French and Finnish institutions. This visit took place in a very important period in Europe regarding higher education and research. Indeed, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in his speech at La Sorbonne on 26 September 2017, that he would like to see the creation of European universities. This proposal was largely taken up by the European Commission in its Communication “Strengthening the European identity through education and culture” on 14 November 2017 and it carries the ambition to create, by 2025, a European Area of Education. Therefore, this visit was also the occasion to address the different strategies needed to be implemented in view of the creation of these new European universities.