Left to right : Mathieu Leporini (Science and Higher Education Attaché for the French Institute of Finland), Ambassador Aleksi Härkönen (Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials under the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council), Prof. Kathy Law (CNRS), Prof. Jérôme Fort (CNRS, La Rochelle) and Prof. Sébastien Gadal (Aix-Marseille University, CNRS)

The Institut Français in Helsinki in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Finland, the German Arctic Office, the Embassy of Germany in Finland and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment will organize on October 10th at the House for Estates a seminar on environmental science in the Arctic context.

Environmental protection is at the core of the work of the Arctic Council and it is also one of Finland’s priorities during the two year Arctic Council Chairmanship. The Working Groups of the Arctic Council play an essential role in compiling science-based information on the changing Arctic environment. Several scientific institutions produce high quality Arctic research and data and contribute to Arctic Council.

This seminar invites the scientific community to learn more about the work carried out by the Arctic Council and about the interlinkages to Arctic science carried out by other institutions. The good cooperation and exchange of information with the Arctic Council Observer countries with particular focus on France and Germany as co-organizers of this event will also be highlighted.

Program :

09:00 – 09:30 Opening Session: Environmental science in the Arctic and in the Arctic Council
Minister of Housing, Energy and the Environment, Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen
Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials, Mr. Aleksi Härkönen

9:30–10:45 Session 1: Protecting arctic flora and fauna and use of renewable resources or natural resources

11:00–12:45 Session 2: Monitoring arctic environment, climate change and harmful substances and assessing their impacts

13:45–15:00 Session 3: Protecting arctic marine environment and the impacts of increasing human activities

15:15–16:30 Closing Session: From environmental science to action in the Arctic

Jérôme Fort, PhD in Biological Sciences, CNRS research scientist at the LIENSs (Littoral, Environment and Societies) institute (La Rochelle, France).
My main interest lies in understanding how the Arctic marine biota is threatened by environmental modifications, whether climatic or anthropogenic. My current research more specifically aims to enhance our knowledge of the mercury contamination of Arctic seabirds and marine food webs. Since 2015, I coordinate the ARCTOX international network to monitor, at the pan-Arctic scale, mercury in marine ecosystems. I am also co-leader of ADACLIM, a long-term monitoring programme of the French Polar Institute on seabirds in East Greenland.

Sébastien Gadal is a Professor of Geography in Geomatic and Spatial Analysis at Aix-Marseille University, CNRS ESPACE UMR 7300. The area of research concerns the questions of urbanisation, territorial development, and socio-environmental impacts by Remote Sensing, GIS and Simulation in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions, mostly in Siberia.

Kathy Law is CNRS Director of Research at the Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS) in Paris, France. She worked for >35yrs in the field of atmospheric chemistry including chemistry-climate feedbacks, long-range transport of pollution. Since 2005, she focused on transport of pollution to the Arctic (POLARCAT-IPY), local Arctic pollution and their impacts on climate and human wellbeing. She is co-chair of the international PACES initiative on Arctic air pollution, coordinator of the French PARCS (Pollution in the Arctic System) project involving 19 research groups and has been involved in many international assessments (e.g. AMAP Black Carbon and Ozone report, 2015).


From left to right : Serge Tomasi (Ambassador of France in Finland), Kimmo Tiilikainen (Minister of Housing, Energy and Environment), Detlef Lingemann (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Finland)


Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Housing, Energy and Environment


Aleksi Härkönen, Ambassador for the Chair of the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials


Detlef Lingemann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Finland


Serge Tomasi, Ambassador of France in Finland


French expert Jérôme Fort, PhD in Biological Sciences, CNRS research scientist at the LIENSs (Littoral, Environment and Societies)


Panel discussion with experts from France, Finland and Germany about Arctic biodiversity and science