With the support of the Institut Francais de Finlande, Prof. Jean-Paul Blaizot will be in Finland August 7-13 to establish links with Finnish researchers and to give two high-level scientific seminars.

The first colloquium will take place in Helsinki on  August 8 from 10.15 am at the Helsinki Institute of Physics (University of Helsinki):


Salle : E204

Poster: http://www.helsinki.fi/~kajantie/170710_JPB_Announcement.pdf



Prof. Blaizot will then continue his visit to the University of Jyväskylä on August 9-11 where he will also give a seminar on his research work.

Jean-Paul Blaizot is research director (exceptional class) at the Institute of Theoretical Physics – IPhT (CEA / CNRS) in Saclay, where he spent most of his career and from 1998 to 2004. He has spent many long-term stays abroad, for example in Trento (Italy) where he was Director of the European Center for Theoretical Physics (ECT) from 2004 to 2008. He taught in France (in particular, Ecole Polytechnique) and abroad. He has assumed various administrative responsibilities and is a member of many international scientific boards. He is editor of the journal Physics Letters B.

A theorist with a wide range of interests, he began his career in nuclear structure, with the first microscopic calculations of the collective excitations of the nuclei, which led among other things to the determination of the compressibility of nuclear material. After working on the development of N-body problem methods and finite-field field theory, he recently contributed to the study of Bose-Einstein condensation. Jean-Paul Blaizot is interested in the physics of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions since its start in the early eighties. In this field, he has carried out several pioneering works. He participated actively in the interpretation of the first experiments of CERN and more recently to those of RHIC (collider of heavy relativistic ions).