As part of the Maupertuis program for scientific cooperation between France and Finland, the following projects have been selected and will be funded under the sub-program “SMR – Short Mobility of Researchers:

Karina Barreiro

Helsinki University

Christophe Dubois

Aix‐Marseille Université

Thrombosis research
Jeremie Darde

Toulouse University

Nuutti Hyvonen

Aalto University

 Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Johan Debayle

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines

Jyrki Vuorinen

Tampere University

Mathematical Imaging and Spatial Pattern Analysis
 Vincent Debusschere

Grenoble Alpes University

Jean-Nicolas Louis

Oulu University

Value of Energy Storage in the Integration of Renewable Energies onto the Power Network
 Alexandre Descamps

Paris University and Pasteur institute

Hanna Nohynek

Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare

cost/effectiveness analysis of influenza immunisation, detection of vaccine adverse events or research on barriers to vaccine uptake
Jean-Pierre Dognon


 Pekka Pyykkö and Dage Sundholm

University of Helsinki,

 Develop novel research projects in heavy element chemistry and physics
Sergei Grudinin


Juha Huiskonen

Helsinki University

Structural biology
Jaana Isohätälä

Oulu University

Michael Baker

Telecom ParisTech

multidisciplinary co-creation and business cooperation
Nicolino Lo Gullo

Turku University

Herve Courtois

CNRS Institut Neel Grenoble

Quantum technologies and quantum devices
 Päivi Lujala

Oulu University

 Katrin Millock

Paris School of Economics, CNRS

 Climate related migration
Paul Magron

Toulouse University, CNRS

Tuomas Virtanen

Tampere University

 Real-time deep learning systems for audio
Aaron Mailman

Jyväskylä University

Rodolphe Clérac

Bordeaux University

Molecular magnetic and conductive materials
Anna Mazenod

Lyon University

Taina Maria Saarinen

Jyväskylä University

Language policies and the dynamics of language practices in higher education
 Issei Otsuka


 Françoise M. Winnik

Helsinki University

Phototropic multi-responsive active colloids
 Frédéric Pascal

Paris-Saclay University

 Esa Ollila

Aalto University

AI learning
Esa Räsänen

Tampere University

Elaine Chew

Sorbonne University (IRCAM)

Multidisciplinary research collaboration in music and mathematical/computing