French language

Concours de lecture à voix haute franco-allemand 2022-2023

Welcome to another edition of the competition! All of Finland is invited! Through a wide variety of texts, students will be challenged to make their reading come alive!

The Institut Français only provides the French texts here. For the German texts, please refer to the Goethe Institut Finnland

This competition will be held in two rounds. The first round will be online. Participants will have to create a video of their reading and make it available by 30 January at the latest. The final will be held in Helsinki in person.

The stages are as follows:

  • From October to November 2022: Students prepare for the competition. Coaching videos on the Institute’s website will be made available.
  • Before 2nd December 2022: Registration for the contest by the teachers (see form below).
    • Teachers will receive by email the texts to be prepared by their students for the first round. The texts will be available in October.
  • Before 30th January 2023: first round. Pupils make their video entries available (the participant must be seen and heard reading).
  • Procedure:
    • Upload the video via a host (e.g. WeTransfer, Google Drive, One Drive, etc).
    • Share the link at stephane.alati@france.fiPlease do not send the video directly as an attachment to the email address.
  • 15th March 2023 at 2 pm: final in Helsinki (venue to be determined), with 18 finalists (3 per category). The train tickets of the finalists will be paid by the Institut Français and the Goethe Institut.

Who can participate?

This competition is open to French and German students.

Two categories of age will be distinguished (classes 1 to 5 (7-11 years old) and classes 6 to 10 (12-16 years old) in three categories of levels (A1-A2; B1-B2; Bilingual).

Only teachers can register their classes or some of their students to the contest. When registering, they must specify the age and level category (registration deadline: 2nd December 2023).

Why participate?

To practice the language differently and to give students the opportunity to share their reading and discover the reading of others.

To encourage and improve interaction and work on pronunciation through a creative and fun activity.

To give everyone the opportunity to show their skills in French or German.

How to participate?

Register until 2nd December 2023 by filling in the form below:



    *Champs obligatoires

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    Entries only by the teacher for all or part of his/her class.

    Only teachers of French (for the competition in French) in Finland can register for their classes. No individual entries and no entries from outside Finland are accepted.

    After registration, teachers will receive an e-mail with the texts to be prepared by their students for the first round. The texts will be available in October.

    For the final, the choice of text is free: participants can choose any text they like, as long as it does not exceed 1 page.

    Prizes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

    List of prizes for the winners to come.